Jeep Gladiator Headlight Options

The Sport and Sport S packages by default come with halogen headlights.

Adding the Max Tow package to these models gives you the “Daytime Running Lamp System”.

Adding the “LED Headlamp and Fog Lamp Group” during purchase gives you LED headlights. This package is around $1,300.

Other models come with LED headlights. A package Jeep offers is the “Premium LED Lighting Group”. This package provides

  • LED Daytime Running Lamp Accents
  • LED Front Fog Lamps
  • LED Front Turn Signal and Parking Lamos
  • LED Premium Reflector Headlamps
  • LED Tail Lamps

Upgrade Options for Halogen Headlights

There are a huge variety of upgrade options available for Jeep Gladiators with Halogen headlights and they all come with pros and cons.


  1. Brighter halogen bulbs
  2. LED bulbs
  3. Buy factory OEM LED headlights
  4. Aftermarket LED headlight options

Let’s go over the pros and cons, then we’ll get into the actual parts to buy and some comparisons.

Halogen Bulb Replacements


  • Brighter
  • Cheap upgrade
  • Some prefer halogen for driving in snow
  • Heat still melts snow from headlights


  • Not as bright as LED

LED Bulb Replacement Pros and Cons


  • Brighter
  • Cheap


  • Not all LED bulbs are created equally
  • They could flicker if you buy the wrong bulbs
  • Some bulbs overheat
  • Some LED bulbs will blind other drivers because the lamp housing was designed for halogen bulbs. An LED housing has a cutoff which prevents light scatter
  • Probably not a good idea for lifted vehicles
  • You may need to tilt your headlights down
  • Some require programming
  • You might get dashboard errors

Factory OEM LED headlights


  • Arguably the best LED lights for Jeep Gladiators


  • The most expensive LED lights for Jeep Gladiators

Aftermarket LED headlight options


  • Excellent, high quality options exist at a fraction of the price of OEM
  • Easy to install
  • Lots of different options


  • Beware low quality options
  • Some installs may require a little extra wiring
  • Some require programming
  • You might get dashboard errors