Do Jeep Gladiators Get “Ducked” Like Wranglers Do?

Yes, Jeep Gladiator owners get rubber ducks from other Jeep owners, just like Jeep Wranglers do. Some Gladiator owners occasionally receive a toy truck, such as a Hot Wheels Jeep Gladiator.

I get “Ducked” all the Time.

I had no idea that ducking was a thing when I bought my Jeep Gladiator. As a former TJ owner, I had never received a duck before. But, my TJ was nothing special to look at and even had quite a bit of spray paint on it. My Gladiator is fairly souped up and people love taking pictures of it, selfies with it and putting ducks on it.

My favorite duck to date was a Christmas Duck which I received in late December.

jeep ducks
Getting “Trucked”:

Something possibly growing in popularity is getting “trucked”.

I personally have a JT Gladiator like this one on my desk. I play with it when I’m on Zoom calls. Sometimes I spin it around when holding the back wheels, kind of like a fidget spinner.

Hot Wheels Gladiator JT

Where Did Ducking Come From?

According to Reader’s Digest, “Jeep Ducking” began in 2020 in Ontario, Canada when Jeep owner Allison Parliament was given a bag of ducks by a friend to cheer her up after an argument at a gas station. Later, in a random act of kindness, she left a duck on a jeep that said “Nice Jeep”. The ducky was posted online and went viral, and ducking was born. I sometimes look at #DuckDuckJeep on Instagram to check out the ducks.